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Special Offer


Thank you for following with BROS. To reward each of you, every month, BROS will update our special offers for one item from one category of product in our www.BROSled.com website in the end of each month, and announce the next special offer products, we hope, there will be at least one suit for you. These special offers will be valid in the coming one month only. 

Meanwhile, we also have the special offer on some special events or festivals. 

What’s more, you can customize your own special offer from BROS, if you do think that our current special offer is not suitable for you, just tell us the one from the same category, then you can enjoy the one seconds offer on the basis of BROS special offer(for example, BROS special offer is 4% discount, then your own special offer is 2% discount).


“Recycle” Offer


All BROS’ LED light products users, can be awarded with special “Recycle” Offer after LED light products end up with their lifespan(as different products may have different lifespan, let’s take the average 50 000hrs for our “Recycle” standard, that is to say, light 24 hrs per day, we can light up for more than 5 years) 5 years after purchasing BROS’ LED light products.  

After 5 years since your purchasing order date, BROS will grant “Recycle” Offer to all users each month with this plan, each 100 pieces of LED Light products ordered, get 1 piece of the same LED light product for free, only product value is free of charge, awarded by each month. For example, if you purchased 5000 pieces of LED light products in Jan 2008, then you can get 50 pieces of the same LED light products in Jan 2013 for free.

If you purchase from BROS’ distributors, this “Recycle” offer is still valid, just contact our distributors for your award, it is for all BROS’ LED light products users.

Enjoy this "Recycle" Offer, enjoy using BROS future-oriented LED light.


First Five Free Sample Chance


Each month, BROS has 5 limited chances for all customers to get our free sample(one item only) without any cost, only your import tax needed if happens.

Get ready of your interested sample firstly, then reply our promotional email of free sample chance immediately with your interested sample, once you receive the email. The first five will be the winner. 

There is another way to get our free sample, if you can not get this first five chance, that is more free samples(requiring before checking) are available for you sending together with your order.