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LED Lighting

Energy consumption and global warming, have became the great issue for the world. On the basis of energy conservation and environment protection, LED(Light Emitting Diode) is the great power, green energy, renewable energy to replace the traditional lighting to achieve the goal. BROS (short of BROS International Co., Limited) is proud of taking part in this global issue of energy conservation and environment protection. LED is a semiconductor device that emits lighting as the electricity flows through it. It offers the potential for highly efficient lighting that can last for more than a decade of regular use. And LED has all advantages of the energy-saving, low heat, low power consumption, long-lived, lighting up quickly, difficult to damage with external shock and does not contain hazardous element, no Mercury and no other toxic materials, provides the best substitution of general lighting, becomes the most important popular expectation of general lighting, makes everything look more vibrant and lifelike. LED Lighting, is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, which can be used in many applications, home lighting, office lighting, commercial lighting, industrial lighting, urban landscape lighting, street lightning, automotive lighting, plant lighting, medical lighting, etc. In recent years, smart LED lighting has been a great contribution for building the Smart City, BROS is contributing our effort on it.
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