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Connecting with BROS, Discover More.

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Follow BROS LED light social medias every minute while you are online, BROS is with you at any time.

Through the these social medias, you can easily get BROS’ latest information about LED light, either on products, special offers, LED light techs, news, trade shows, etc, and LED light market trends.

All SNS social medias are wonderful choice for free communication between you and BROS, being connected now by clicking your prefered SNS media in the TOP of each page. Looking forward to seeing your connection.

BROSled.com led light online chat including facebook messenger whatsapp viber google allo skype wechat small V2

In order to enjoy more efficient communication between you and BROS, you can find BROS instant online contacts here. We are in the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +0800, due to the time difference we may have, our reply will be still within 12 hours. Kindly regards for your understanding. 

Any problems if you meet with us, kindly mail to BROS management: BROS@BROSled.com(reply in 24 hours).