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BROSled.com LED Light Outdoor Landscape light.jpg
The style of each shopping mall created by LED flexible or rigid strip light, LED flood light, LED wall light, makes it to be the unique landmark at the starry night.
BROSled.com shopping mall entrance plaza led decorative light led flood light led strip light.jpg
While stepping into the entrance plaza, an atmosphere of festival created by LED decorative light, LED flood light, LED strip light, makes you relaxed, comfortable and happy to start your shopping.
BROSled.com LED Light Shop Window light.jpg
Elegant, comfortable, no flashing light from LED downlight, LED spotlight, LED track light brings an excellent shopping experience for customers.
BROSled.com led light for shopping mall aisle led strip light.jpg

With the help of LED downlight, LED strip light and LED ceiling light, the aisle, the windows, the displayed items, are brightened with vigor, make customers willingly stop by and enjoy the time with every shop.

BROSled.com shopping mall led flood light led downlight in food court area.jpg
LED decorative light, LED downlight, LED ceiling light make you ease and relaxed after hours shopping while sitting down for drink or eat in the food court.
BROSled.com shopping mall shopping center led downlight led spotlight led strip light.jpg
LED track light, LED downlight, LED spotlight make each customer focus on your shop displayed items, which have been brightened and focused by the LED light. We could say LED light will increase your sale, to some extent.
BROSled.com led light led flood light led high bay light in parking lot area.jpg
LED high bay lights and LED flood lights are perfect for parking lots, area, roadways, car dealerships, campuses, parks, and as a replacement for street light, shine brightly. These LED lights reduce repairs and the need for replacements.
BROSled.com led light eduction light in schools and libraries.jpg
LED education lights are used widely from primary schools to universities, provide students the best environment to study. Lighting supports higher productivity and better study results, by improved concentration, keeping students alert and making the learning surroundings more comfortable.
BROSled.com led light led downlight led strip light in hotel room.jpg
LED downlight, LED floor lamp, LED strip light etc used in hotel for lighting and decoration. While first impressions really count, From the moment guests first enter your hotel, these LED lights set a mood and make their stay more memorable and comfortable.
BROSled.com led light for hospital light home feeling.jpg
LED lighting, including LED panel light, LED tube light, LED downlight, LED emergency light, play an important role in healthcare, improving both the patient experience and the staff’s ability to provide the required level of care, and enhance the care environment and reduce costs by saving energy.
BROSled.com led light sports light led flood light high bay light.jpg
Sports lighting not only enhance the spectator’s experience at a game but also improve how the players perform, every athlete deserves to play under a fixture that calls attention to their talent. The stadium and area lighting will deliver optimal light for activities, visual comfort for fans, and reduce light pollution outside of the venue.
BROSled.com led light led track light in museum.jpg
Our life is enriched by art. BROS museum lighting solutions, LED track light, LED downlight, LED ceiling light will help you attract the museum visitors and help you deliver an unforgettable museum experience, make museum becoming more of a place to deliver visitor-centered experiences.
BROSled.com led light led track light led downlight led shopper light for fashion and retail shop.jpg
With the right LED lighting, BROS can help to bring your store to life, create a brand experience to inspire shoppers. Attract them into your store with a dynamic shop window and leave a lasting impression for them. With the help of LED track light, LED downlight, LED spotlight, make your business a success.