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BROS Service

Cooperating with BROS, you can enjoy all below tailor-made services. Whenever you need, contact your sales representative directly for arrangement 5 business days earlier.

24/7 Service

All reply will be within 24 hours, 7 days a week, do not need to wait the reply any more. Hope you can enjoy our trouble-free service.

Interpreter Service

BROS will allow your sales representatives to accompany with you to interpret for you for three days for free, while you travel in Guangzhou, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Zhongshan, etc. Do not need to worry about the language barrier any more, we guide you to your destination and safe you back. While scheduling, check with your sales representatives.

Company Verify

BROS can arrange company verify for you in China without any charge, share with you all possible facts about the company you are caring about, save your time, improve efficiency, make you easier to find the better supplier, reduce your risk, and ensure safer business cooperation. 

Order Inspection&Collection

BROS can arrange order inspection for you according to your standards without any cost, make your business easier and safer. If your supplier is very far away from BROS, travel expense and accommodation cost will be applied if happens. Besides, we can collect your orders to ship with us, no extra handling charge.

Warranty Period

BROS are guaranting your sale. All LED light products you get from BROS, you are having our customer first warranty(BROS Warranty), the warranty period of time starts from products arrival at your warehouse, not the ordering date. This is our big concern belongs to you.

Profit Sourcing Service

Thank you for your trust to be with BROS sourcing service, we will take care of all stuffs here in China for you, thus you can focus on all your importance, with our expertise, we are keeping your business going worry-free.

Our Promise

BROS value your choice, and value your future.